Attention Knee Pain Sufferers! Free Knee Pain Workshop 
"Learn How To Stop Chronic, Daily Annoying Knee Pain WITHOUT Injections, Dangerous Painkillers and AVOID Surgery"
Free Workshop Reveals the Single Biggest #1 Secret  To Avoiding Knee Surgery
Dear hot, swollen, achy knee,
I have had it with you and I want you to go away!!!
Because of you…
…..walking has gotten so excruciating!
…..stairs have become intimidating!
….and I just can’t stand for any length of time anymore!!
And it’s not just the pain in my knee, what’s more frustrating is…
….missing out on spending quality family time with my spouse, kids, and grandkids.
….giving up on my hobbies…golf, bowling, tennis, shopping, or just plain going out to dinner.
…feeling like I’m not the same person anymore. It’s discouraging.
I want my life back!!!!!
Saturday September 25th 2021 at 10:00 AM
407 Old Springtown Rd Ste 114
Springtown, TX 76082

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Here's What Your Going To Learn:

  • The #1 thing you can do to avoid surgery
  • The 3 D’s of taking care of your knee pain
  • Natural treatment options for your condition
  • How to get back to the life you want to live
Now you may be asking
“Why is this happening to me?”...

“Why am I still suffering with knee pain after putting up with it for 3 months - sometimes more?”...

Most people think that when they get knee pain, the pain is going to go away on its own. That they’ll wake up one morning and like “magic”, it’ll be as if it never happened… But then 3 months later you’re still living with nagging pain even worse than it was when it came on.

Does That Sound Like You?

Have you considered doing “something” about it but haven’t taken any action? So, If You’re Currently Living With Knee Pain, Here’s Something Just For YOU:

FREE Knee Workshop – How To Avoid Surgery and Gain Control of your Chronic, Daily Annoying Knee Pain

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What Do Others Have To Say About Our Knee Pain Workshop? 
“My story is a repeat performance. This makes my third or fourth count all for different ailments. Each time I am proud to say my experience has been
effective. This time Robert and his staff have prepared my knee to compete at this year’s National Senior Games in New Mexico. They have done an excellent job again. Thanks to all of you for your help.”
-Fast Eddy
“I am very happy with what I can do now compared to what I could do before coming to MOSS Rehabilitation Center. The staff and everyone here are some of
the best I have ever seen. They answered any and all questions I might have had. This is the first time I have come to MOSS and I would come here again if I ever had a problem. Great place and wonderful people.” 
- Mike King
“After already graduating and then having to come back because of my own ineptness. The group at Moss has done it again! I had a torn meniscus and they've managed to get full extension and strength back in my knee. I really appreciate everyone here. They really have your best interest at heart, even when they give you the highest weight and set the total gym at the top! Thank you!!!”
- Jody McCabe
"Before Physical Therapy I had surgery on my left knee. It was really tender and swollen. I was unable to do most daily tasks. As my final day of PT I am so much better, I can do everyday activities that were impossible after surgery. Thanks to a great group of doctors and therapists I am able to return to work and enjoy each day without the severe pain I started out in. Thank you to all staff members including the fantastic office ladies that make this all work out with my hours at work. Y'all are all fantastic people and I would highly recommend you at any time."
- Debbie Kidd

We have limited spots available and space will fill up fast, so register now to avoid missing out. 

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